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A unique approach

I consider myself to be fortunate to have some very creative clients who like to look at various print projects and come up with ways to make them stand out above the rest. Recently, one of my clients – St. … Continue reading

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When the ink hits the sheet…

One thing I have discovered after 3 decades in print: no matter how good the technology is, it still comes down to ink-on-paper. The other day I had a press check on a job in which we needed to get … Continue reading

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This is your brain on print….

Remember that ad on TV during the Reagan-era’s “War on Drugs”, where an egg was broken and the contents dropped into a hot skillet?  It immediately began to cook, and cook rather fast.  And then,  in a somber tone, the … Continue reading

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How do I maintain brand consistency?

“I have the challenge,” my contact said, “of keeping brand consistency in my organization.” And indeed, it is a challenge.  The person that spoke those words to me was the marketing director at a private organization, which had several staff members … Continue reading

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