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Paper 101: What is basis weight, GSM, and other paper terms?

Having been in print for 30 years, and with most of that in Production, I take it for granted that many laypersons have a very rudimentary knowledge of paper.  As digital has increased in its market share and is, in … Continue reading

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Simple and effective Direct Mail Marketing

OK.  I was not very nice the other day on Google+, when I mentioned I had an example of effective direct mail marketing, but didn’t share what it was.  So, before I dive into our homemade pizza, here’s the example … Continue reading

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Print is not dead: but why?

Part of my self-imposed job in printing is to stay on top of various web articles and blog posts that detail aspects of print, be it tips or hints to prepping a file correctly, or the history of print, or … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Direct Mail Junkie

Yes, I confess.  I have become a DMJ – a Direct Mail Junkie.  This has not been an easy confession to make, since for most of my 30 years in printing I thought the only “good” job was one that … Continue reading

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What is the difference between digital print and litho print, and why should I care?

Digital printing has taken tremendous leaps and bounds in the last 20 years from its infancy as merely poor quality color copies, or black ink 2-sided manuals, to being in the forefront of printed products.  As use of personalized and … Continue reading

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