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What am I looking at when I review a printer’s proof?

 As the print industry speeds into the digital age, the skill of reviewing a printer’s proof is becoming lost. Most print clients these days are satisfied with reviewing a PDF proof on their non color-balanced monitor, and are happy with … Continue reading

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What is dimensional graphics?

For many of us, when we think of print, we think of flat press sheets, or maybe something that’s folded.  But what do we think of when we mention dimensional graphics? Dimensional (sometimes called structural) graphics is creating a three-dimensional … Continue reading

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Printing terms and conditions…..which are the biggies?

I have a question for print buyers out there: when you see an invoice with a gazillion words on the back about the “terms and conditions”, do you read it? You should. There might be many things in there that … Continue reading

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How can I add impact to my direct mail campaign?

I have confessed on my blog before that I am a direct mail junkie.  But I really do believe that many companies that use direct mail don’t use it as effectively as they possibly can. So, you now may be … Continue reading

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