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Change the Conversation

One thing I have noticed in print is how the conversation is changing.  No longer does a printing company talk in terms of capabilities, and if they do so with prospective or current clients, that conversation ends quickly. CAN WE … Continue reading

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What is variable data print?

Printers love to toss around terms and phrases to sound sophisticated and knowledgeable. The problem becomes when we often don’t take the time to explain those terms and technologies to our clients.  Let’s talk about one of those print terms, and … Continue reading

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Print is STILL not dead!

For years I suffered from ink in my blood – well, not literally.  But I did have a very strong viewpoint that if it wasn’t ink-on-paper, and if it wasn’t running through an offset press, it wasn’t worth my time.  I … Continue reading

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How do you get someone’s attention with a business card?

Simple!  Do it differently!  And make it relevant to your industry. A BUSINESS CARD ENVELOPE Recently, I received a business card from the Desert Paper & Envelope Company. Immediately it grabbed my attention.  Why? Because the card was in a … Continue reading

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Why can’t PMS colors run well in CMYK?

When you have thousands of colors at your disposal as you design a print piece, not all of them will reproduce well in the CMYK color space. Why is that? WHAT IS PMS? PMS stands for Pantone Matching System, which … Continue reading

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