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Why do printers need an e-commerce solution?

We hear it every day – “Print is Dead!”  We see it pronounced on the news or the internet. And yes, we believe it. But print ISN’T dead. And printers who have a vision of print as part of their … Continue reading

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What is letterpress? And why are we still using it today?

Letterpress is the centuries-old craft of printing that we most associate with the likes of Johann Gutenberg, or Ben Franklin. It is the art of pressing paper against raised type, often with a slight-to-heavy debossing effect, which can create a sense … Continue reading

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What do you mean when you say static, pick, versioned and variable?

I‘ve been firmly entrenched in the world of online print e-commerce solutions for years. And my current job at Westamerica Communications is to manage our online storefront, which we call “StōrFront”.  It’s hosted by a service, and we can brand … Continue reading

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What is augmented reality, and how does it work in print?

Often, the perception of print is that it’s static – that it just gives you a single message – or maybe several messages – over a fixed media, and then, well, that’s it.  Oh, sure, you can liven up the … Continue reading

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How print buyers can make major cost savings with simple specification changes

I am very fortunate to have great contacts in the print industry from the world over. Matthew Parker of Print & Procurement in England has not only been a trusted resource of information, but a mentor as I have progressed through … Continue reading

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