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Why do we still need business cards?

Does anyone remember a smartphone application from just a few years ago called Bump? With this application, the idea was that you would “bump” another person’s smartphone (if they also had Bump) and it would exchange contact information. I remember … Continue reading

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Tips for a successful print job

When I began this blog, my primary intent was to be a voice from within the printing industry (the “print trenches” as I have in my header) to readers who are clients, prospective clients, designers, or anyone that has an interest … Continue reading

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How paper is manufactured – the specialty papers

Two weeks ago we covered how coated paper is made with a great video by Sappi Paper. Last week we covered the steps to making uncoated paper, such as opaque, text and offset papers. This week we’ll go over the manufacturing … Continue reading

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How is paper manufactured – uncoated paper

Last week, with the help of the video produced by Sappi Paper, I shared a brief synopsis of how paper is manufactured, emphasizing coated paper. This week, we’ll spell out the process in more detail, and go through the process … Continue reading

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How is paper manufactured?

Paper: without it, many printed things cannot be, well – printed! In this series of posts, we’ll take a look at the three most common types of paper manufacturing: coated papers; uncoated papers, and finally, specialty papers. COATED PAPERS As … Continue reading

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What is letterpress? And why are we still using it today?

Letterpress is the centuries-old craft of printing that we most associate with the likes of Johann Gutenberg, or Ben Franklin. It is the art of pressing paper against raised type, often with a slight-to-heavy debossing effect, which can create a sense … Continue reading

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How does paper go through a press?

Even after over 30 years in print, watching a press running can be fascinating. You stand at one end of the press, and see how the sheets are lifted and then moved into the first print head. You walk along the press, … Continue reading

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