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Hey! Who you callin’ a dummy!??!

Now, before you think this is a personal post, or one steered at those who may feel insecure about their print knowledge, this post is about one of the simplest and easiest tools at a printer’s fingertips: paper dummies. Paper … Continue reading

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When the s*#t hits the fan!

Despite all our efforts, we printers are actually quite human.  And we work in a field that has human involvement with machinery and technology.  And try as hard as we can, sometimes, we mess up.  And you know what, I’ll … Continue reading

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For the non-print buyer: How to order print

It used to be that many companies had dedicated print buyers: individuals whose sole job was to purchase the various printed needs for their employers.  But those days are gone, and rarely do you find a dedicated print buyer.  Today’s … Continue reading

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What do designers want in print?

One of the benefits to having relationships with the major paper manufacturers is that they often share and give away fantastic samples of various print methods, all of which highlight the various paper products they manufacture and sell.  One of … Continue reading

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